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Tactical Egg Hunt 2 Sign Up Form

Thanks for registering to our event

GummyBear Foundation Inc.



GummyBear Foundation Inc. cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using this equipment negligently, failing to wear the goggles provided or not following the rules provided by our staff.


• Our rules of fair play will be explained in the briefing prior to the game starting.


• Participants are required to wear the supplied goggles AT ALL TIMES correctly whilst playing GTL Games.

• Participants are not allowed to fire their nerf equipment deliberately at a person’s head.


• Participants are not permitted to fire at close quarters.


• Do not jump or climb on the barricades unless permitted to do so these are for shielding purposes only.


• Players will be warned for repeated unfair play.


• Players may be excluded from the game and asked to leave the venue totally at GummyBear Foundation Inc's discretion if they fail to behave and adhere to the safety rules


• Anyone caught stealing equipment or stock will be prosecuted according to the law. For security reasons, GummyBear Foundation Inc. or its coaches may exclude participants of the event without giving any reasons if they feel they maybe of detriment of other users.


• I, the undersigned acknowledge that I have read or have been made aware of the safety rules pertaining to the participation in GTL Parties, and that I understand these rules and accept the risks which are inherent in the participation in the aforementioned game.


• I am aware and understand that participation in the game involves intensive physical and mental exertion.


• I am aware that participation in this activity involves running which may result in slips, trips or falls.


• I understand that redness and/or bruising can occur as a result of participating in GTL activities.


• I warrant that I am free from any medical condition that may endanger my life or wellbeing or the life or wellbeing of any other participant.

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