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"Storytelling is ultimately what will make an image impactful and memorable"

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Story Telling

My goal is to create an image that immediately capture's an audience's imagination, engage them on an emotional level with the story, mood or message I'm trying to communicate.

Without a compelling story, the image is quickly forgotten.

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The emotions and feelings that can be evoked through a good portrait photograph resides in each one of us and only when we see it through a good portrait can we connect with that feeling on a deeper level.


Comic Conventions

Cosplay Photography

Photos of imaginative people and their stories. These shoots are just so thrilling because you get to work with so many different people, and photos click with

me because it’s the right mix of storytelling and art.

Photography Classes

Coming Fall 2022

Photography Class will help you start to feel more comfortable with a camera. It is great way to start your photographic journey! 

  • Learn how light affects your images

  • How to achieve a blurry background

  • How to create motion blur

  • The rule of thirds

  • How to shoot in Raw

  • Understanding of ISO, F-stop, Shutter Speeds

  • How to use Lightroom

  • And we will have exercises all throughout the class, so you can practice what you’ve learned


A whopping 11.3 million children and teens have no place to go after leaving school every day.

Today, you can help change the future of a child.

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